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Analysis on the Causes of the Longitudinal Instability of the Rewinder
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-08-22

Analysis of the causes of longitudinal instability of the rewinder:

1. It is possible from the entire flow system to the headbox.
2. It is estimated that the main factors are concentration and automatic control system.
3. For the MD control problem of the equipment, check the MD-related components and the DCS control system.
4. Check whether the liquid level and total pressure of the lower headbox are stable.
5. The large changes in equipment slurry concentration and flow changes follow these two paths to find the reasons.

Description of the way to stop the operation of the rewinder:
When the operation switch is turned off, the rewinder stops working and slows down at a fixed deceleration.
1. Automatically stop at the set paper web length or paper roll diameter. When the automatic stop is selected, and the set length or paper roll diameter is reached, the rewinding stops, and the automatic stop can be set to the length or diameter of the reeled or unwound paper. Further information on the selection and setting of automatic shutdown is given in Section 4.9 "Rewinding Control Procedures".
2. It will stop automatically when the end is broken. During operation, when the paper web breaks, the rewinder will automatically stop and decelerate with a fixed acceleration, and the parent roll will decelerate and stop with an emergency stop.
3. Limit the diameter of the paper roll and stop. When the paper roll reaches the limit diameter, the limit paper roll limit automatically stops.