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The function and use of slitting machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-10-27

The slitting machine adopts an integrated side-opening rotatable double-straight feeding mechanism, and can be equipped with optical ultrasonic and hydraulic automatic edge-aligning devices. The slitting machine adopts upper and lower circular blades for division, and the precision control adopts high-precision backing control; in order to make the division accurate, the high toughness mirror glass aluminum alloy profile connected to the lens barrel can reasonably avoid material scratches without scratches, and the surface is smooth and clean. , No air bubbles, neat reverse side. Cater to the rubber clutch equipment uses large and medium-sized silicon rubber wheels with large and medium-sized mirror glass guide wheels, so that the product can meet strict targets, and the pneumatic lifting system caters to the strict relative density and the working pressure of the adjustable elevator.

TheSlitting MachineThe layout is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the degree of automation is high, the production efficiency is high, and the work accuracy is high. It can process all kinds of cold-rolled, hot-rolled plates, silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, color steel plates, aluminum alloy plates and various sheet metal materials after electroplating process or spraying. It is suitable for the pre-forming of various vulcanized rubber, silicone rubber, butyl rubber, EPDM natural rubber, etc., and the pre-forming of special rubber sheets, sponges, glass fibers, PU films, Panama rubber strips, cardboard, etc. Precise, compact strips, cuts and slices of non-metallic materials with a certain strength. In addition, it is also suitable for flexible materials behind self-adhesive labels. The wound is neat, standardized and efficient.

Slitting MachineIt is suitable for slitting the width of the coil, and the slitting speed is faster, accurate and efficient. The key parts of the equipment adopt Japanese imported round blade technology, imported bearings, No. 45 hard steel shaft, magnetic powder clutch tension sensor and other high-quality parts. It has the functions of automatic length counting, automatic closing and automatic paper cutting equipment by setting the mark value. The whole device is compact, easy to operate, easy to understand and concise.

inSlitting MachineIn the actual operation, the staff must select the appropriate core according to the width and quantity of the division, and install it in theSlitting MachineOn the secretion of drugs. Then press the roller on the surface of the take-up roller to better maintain the firmness of the core. In the future, the core tube on the wound and the joint of the secret drug should be aligned to facilitate the clamping of the knife.

Slitting MachineWhen running, remember that it does not have to be too fast, it should slow down. When the speed returns to normal, pay attentionSlitting MachineThe actual laser cutting effect of the machines and equipment. Workers should also pay attention to good work records. When daily work is in progress, workers must immediately cut off the power supply and clean the work site.