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What are the deficiencies of the slitting machine and how to solve them?
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-10-27

With the continuous progress of industrial technology, people put forward higher technical requirements for equipment. Take the slitting machine as an example. The traditional slitting machine no longer has certain advantages in market competition, and its equipment can no longer meet the needs of most production. If you want to develop furtherSlitting Machine, You must change some of the shortcomings of the current development stage!

1. The backwardness of equipment and hardware facilities

In the market, manySlitting MachineAll use outdated control systems for operation. At this stage, this is far from satisfying the rapid development of the industry. We must changeSlitting MachineThe old appearance, and the use of advanced control system. Such as advanced electrical sensors. Because the old slitter control system has a certain hysteresis in the curling operation and paper feeding control, it will affect the processing and production of the equipment and affect the processing efficiency.

Second, the irrationality of the equipment structure

Usually, the slitting machine we use is a single operation crimping, and the operation is relatively passive, which is very inconvenient for the operator, requires too much labor, needs manual control in the entire process, and operation Very inconvenient. To improveSlitting MachineFor the transmission performance, we need to improve its structure, and use an automatic control system and a rewinder to complete a series of winding and feeding, in order to achieve the purpose of simple operation. If it can be solvedSlitting MachineThe above-mentioned defects in the development, we believe that theSlitting MachineWill regain the market and gain recognition. Of course, this also requires our joint efforts to achieve.