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Composition, characteristics and application of the production line of AB glue laminating machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-08

Usually inAB glue laminating slitting machineThe main production equipment included in the production line are: storage table, feeding trolley, unwinder, straight-feeding machine, traction leveler, hydraulic shear for cutting head, guide table, slitting machine, side material rewinding Machine, feeding table, looper, tension station, winder, unloading trolley, hydraulic system and electronic control system, etc.

In practical applications, this slitting unit can mainly unwind, slit and wind the metal coil to obtain the coil with the required width. From the analysis of design structure, the design structure of the whole machine is reasonable, compact in shape, safe, energy saving, environmental protection, high precision, high efficiency, flexible and convenient to adjust.

Secondly, in the AB glue laminating and slitting machine production line, the frame used is steel plate, which has been welded and annealed successively, and is formed by one-time CNC machining, so it can ensure high strength, high precision and good earthquake resistance Sexual life is high. Moreover, the manufacturing process of the whole machine is produced in strict accordance with the mechanical standards, and the production of each component is controlled by tracking.

More importantly, in the slitting machine equipment, the main bearing and slide rail are made of high-quality components, and cooperate with the advanced lubrication system, which has a long service life. The whole machine can be regarded as a high-quality and efficient automatic sheet processing equipment.

In actual operation, the AB glue laminating and slitting machine production line is very convenient. Among them, the PLC control system is especially used, and the man-machine interface is displayed, with a high degree of automation and simple and reliable operation.

The main materials that can be processed on this aluminum strip slitter production line are: cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, pickled sheet, color-coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet, etc. The slitting unit has been widely used in many industries such as building materials, automobiles, hardware, military industry, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, home appliances and kitchenware